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Curling Facts, History, and How to Play

Teams are made of 4 people (each player throws 2 stones). Two teams play against each other on one "sheet" (lane) of ice. Time can be saved by pre-arranging teams before you arrive. The four positions are:

  • Lead: Goes first in the throwing order, then sweeps all the other team members' shots - usually has easier shots because there are few stones in play.
  • Second: Throws second and sweeps all other team members' shots - has more difficult shots since some stones in play.
  • Vice: Throws third, holds brush (target) for Skip, and sweeps only Lead's and Second's shots - has difficult shots as a lot of stones are usually in play.
  • Skip: Throws last, holds brush for all other players, tells other players when to sweep, watches the "curl" of the stone - has most difficult shots as all other stones have already been played - team captain. 

You will need a warm sweater and a very clean pair of tennis shoes, as well as loose fitting pants and perhaps gloves (the idea is warmth with mobility). Stones, brushes, score sheets and special 'curling tape' (for use as a slider) will be provided for you.

Click HERE for a brief curling history, how to play, and for curling facts and finer points.


Roseland Golf and Curling Club

Roseland Golf and Curling Club is a full service recreational golf and curling facility that the citizens of Windsor are extremely proud of. The facility comprises an 18-hole, Donald Ross designed, championship golf course, a challenging 9-hole Par 3, and a 6-sheet curling rink. Curling facilities are available from November through March for curling bonspiels, league play, and individual ice sheet rental.



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