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Home Project Helpers

Owning a home is both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to have a place to call your own and to fill it with things you love. But there’s no denying that it requires you to give entire weekends to do-it-yourself projects, cleaning and otherwise protecting your sizable investment.

The good news is that, thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to be overwhelmed by tasks. I’ve selected websites that will help you become smarter and more efficient about home maintenance. They may even help you reclaim a few of those lost weekends!

Inside or out, painting your home is a major burden. This website brings paint selection into the 21st century. You can download stock photos of houses or, even better, actual photos of your own home. You’ll see the colors displayed on your home’s exterior or on the walls of the room you are painting.


Dust happens. The need to clean is never going away. Fortunately, cleaning is more time-consuming than difficult – most of the time.

Once in a while, though, you run into a stain or an odor that mocks your most vigorous efforts. When that happens, visit this site. It will tell you the best methods and tools to clean anything, from your makeup brushes to your barbecue grill.


When life becomes crazy, it’s easy for home maintenance to fall by the wayside. Or in a flurry of cleaning, you might have thrown out the manuals for you appliances.

This site tackles both problems; it’s like a control center for your house. It stores important manuals, part numbers and paint colors. The site also helps you schedule important maintenance tasks and plan improvement projects.


Rearranging furniture can make a room seem fresh again. However, it can take a toll on your back when you try several layouts and none of them work.

This site helps you create a floorplan and fill it up with virtual furniture. Move pieces around until you find just the right arrangement. Click a button to see your design modeled in 3-D. You also can post the image to Facebook and get feedback from your friends.


Can you save money by doing that remodeling project yourself? Not always.

This site gives you an estimated cost and timescale for any project. It also offers thousands of tutorials so you can see the effort that a potential project will require.


Making your home more energy efficient can result in significant savings for the long term.

This site, hosted by the Department of Energy, walks you through a do-it-yourself energy audit to help pinpoint where your home might be leaking dollars.


Source: Kim Komando, AnnArbor.com